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Matthew McCray

Theatre, Performance, Image

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Directing Producing Performing Video Design


Son of Semele Ensemble

In 2000, I founded a theatre company called Son of Semele Ensemble (SoSE). As the Artistic Director I have produced over 30 productions, some that have received awards from top regional sources including the LA Drama Critics Circle, Ovation Awards, LA Weekly Theatre Awards, SAGE Awards and NAACP Theatre Awards. Through SoSE I also co-produce two annual theatre festivals, Company Creation Festival and Solo Creation Festival, aimed at supporting other theatre artists. In December 2004, SoSE was profiled by American Theatre as one of the "hot, hip and on-the-verge" theatre ensembles to look out for. You can read the article by clicking here.

SoSE's Mission:

We believe the impact of a theatrical experience should resonate beyond the theater door. As an ensemble of artists, we integrate complex design and performance, producing theatre that embraces the friction between emotion and intellect. Through a process of discovery, collaboration and creative risk-taking, we illuminate and amplify universal questions. To that end, we make an earnest commitment to the artistic sustainability of the greater community.

SoSE's Production History:

The Life and Sort of Death of Eric Argyle by Ross Dungan
Solo Creation Festival 2014
Woman Parts, two one-acts by Sibyl O'Malley and Linda McClean
Company Creation Festival 2014
Civilization by Jason Grote
Our Class, by Tadeusz Slobozianek, in a version by Ryan Craig
Company Creation Festival 2013
The City, by Martin Crimp
Roadkill Confidential, by Sheila Callaghan
Company Creation Festival 2012
What The Moon Saw, or "I Only Appear To Be Dead", by Stephanie Fleischmann
Wallowa: The Vanishing of Maude LeRay, by Oliver Mayer in collaboration with the Company
Company Creation Festival 2011
On Emotion, by Mick Gordon & Paul Broks
Slaughter City, by Naomi Wallace
The Designated Mourner, by Wallace Shawn
TRAGEDY: a tragedy, by Will Eno
Melancholy Play, by Sarah Ruhl
365 Plays / 365 Days, by Suzan-Lori Parks
Iphigenia... A Rave Fable, by Caridad Svich
King Cat Calico Finally Flies Free!, by Aaron Henne
Preludes & Fugues, by John Glore
Hyperbole: epiphany, by Rogue Artists Ensemlbe & SoSE
The Mysteries, Parts 1 & 2, by Anon, adapted by Edward Kemp
Wilhelm Reich in Hell, by Robert Anton Wilson
The Tower, by Matthew Maguire
A Human Interest Story..., by Carlos Murillo
Film is Evil: Radio is Good, by Richard Foreman
Somewhere, Someone Said, by Kristen Brennan, Graham Dodge, Pamela Ezell & Scott Christian
Back Story, by Joan Ackermann
The American Plan, by Richard Greenberg
Peer Gynt, Part One, by Henrick Ibsen
Lava by Richard Foreman and Breath by Samuel Beckett
Earthlings, by Matthew McCray