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Matthew McCray

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Directing Producing

Video Design

If You Can Get To Buffalo (an exploration of 'a rape in cyberspace' by Julian Dibbell)

by Trish Harnitaux

Performances March/April 2015
Produced by Son of Semele Ensemble

Production Info

Directed by Edgar Landa
Set by Meg Cunningham
Lighting by Barbara Kallir
Costumes by Hunter Wells
Sound by Rebecca Kessin
Video by Matthew McCray

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Iphigenia (Crash Land Falls on the Neon Shell That Was Once Her Heart)

by Caridad Svich

Performances November 2006
Produced by Son of Semele Ensemble

Production Info

Directed by Matthew McCray
Music by Ryan Poulson
Set by Ken MacKenzie
Lighting by John Eckert
Costumes & Masks by Hallie Dufresne
Sound by Cricket S. Myers
Video by Matthew McCray, Michael Pessah & Barbara Kallir
Puppets by Deborah Bird
Stage Managed by Christopher Rivera

Awards & Nominations

LA Weekly Theatre Awards, Production Design
LA Weekly Theatre Awards, Lighting Design (John Eckert)
LA Weekly Theatre Awards, Sound Design (Cricket S. Myers)
LA Weekly Theatre Awards, Puppets (Deborah Bird)
LA Weekly Theatre Awards, Masks (Hallie Dufresne)
LA Weekly Theatre Awards, Multi-Media/Projections (Matthew McCray, Michael Pessah & Barbara Kallir)